About Jim


Welcome to my website. It reflects my passion — communication.


I’m an advisor, coach, and speaker, based in Toronto. I’ve spent virtually my entire career in communication, first as a reporter, and later as a consultant, serving leaders across North America. What a privilege that is.


For more than 25 years, I’ve prepared hundreds of leaders — CEOs, entrepreneurs, and public figures — to speak and write with clarity, certainty, and power. My clients inspire me, and I help them to inspire others.


Every business evolves, and mine certainly has, much to my delight. Although I work extensively with leaders from all generations, I now spend an increasing amount of time serving members of the Millennial generation, terrific young people who are literally re-inventing the world. We’re learning from each other.


I’m excited every day to work in communication — it literally never gets old. Whatever it takes, I’m there for my clients.


It’s the way I do business, and always will.

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