Powerful communication strategy starts with a comprehensive understanding of your situation — your objectives, opportunities, and challenges.

It’s determining what represents success for you.

Once that’s established, I create an action plan, then provide high-level counsel and guided implementation as we put it into effect.


Whether I work with a client through a retainer relationship, or individual assignments, effective dissemination of important information requires a deep understanding of the multiple channels and venues available.  I know them well.  I utilize them, on behalf of my clients, often.

The activities recommended for the telling of your story can, and will, take many forms.  It can be an impactful news release with strong social media support, a major keynote presentation, a large community meeting — or a combination of those initiatives, and more.

Ultimately, though, it’s simple.  I do everything possible to ensure your success.

Media Relations

When clients need to reach a range of stakeholders — customers, investors, and regulators — the media is often an essential conduit.  I have extensive knowledge of North American media outlets, and solid, respectful relationships with reporters, editors and columnists across Canada

Successful media relations comes down to providing journalists with accurate, balanced information that meets the needs of their readers, listeners and viewers, while relating your story openly and honestly — and being willing to answer the tough questions.

Whether it’s the announcement of a new product or service, or an update on a contentious public issue, when my clients engage with the media they’re fully prepared for all that the relationship entails.

Crisis and Reputation Management

We know that a crisis can come out of nowhere, and that, badly handled, it can damage corporate reputation in a hurry.

I believe, however, and history has proven, that a crisis can represent a powerful communication opportunity — if leadership responds by conveying accurate, contextualized information with speed and empathy.  Increasingly, companies, institutions and associations are being evaluated not only by what happened, but how they responded to what happened.  That’s the opportunity.

I’ve been providing effective crisis and reputation management counsel to leading organizations large and small for more than two decades, recommending and, when required, implementing engagement that reflects their values of openness and responsiveness.