You’ve got a great story to tell.  Now you’ve got to tell it — like a leader.  Audiences today are better informed, and more critical than ever.  They demand communication that’s clear and direct, with their interests thoroughly understood and met.

I’ve conducted literally hundreds of tight, focused, results-based coaching sessions with achievers throughout Canada and the United States, thoroughly preparing them to reach and influence their target audiences.  When you need to come through in a big pitch, a big presentation, or a big media interview.  I can get you ready to excel, and deliver like the leader you are.

My three principal coaching sessions are conducted over a half-day, full-day, and increasingly, online formats in one-hour segments.  

Pitching Skills

In our intensely competitive world, the ability to pitch effectively — for new business, for financing, for all manner of resources — has never been more important.  I work closely with individuals, startups and established companies to help them create and deliver pitches that are lean, easily-understandable and compelling, and that their listeners respond positively to the particular call to action.

It can be an intense, grueling process to get a pitch to the point where it’s “tight and bright.”  There are no short cuts.  Tough questions need to be asked , and occasionally, rationales challenged.  Throughout the process, I’m with my clients, every step of the way.  When you’re a pitch coach, you need to be all in.

Presentation Skills

A lot is riding on your presentation skills.  More than ever, audiences want to hear from speakers who can address them with clarity, passion, and vision.  I can prepare you for the challenge.

My customized presentation skills workshops focus on structure, rehearsal, and feedback.  Clients learn how to prepare confidently for the most challenging speaking opportunity, how to organize even comprehensive material through a simple template, and how to utilize powerful verbal and non-verbal techniques to connect with and inspire their listeners.

During sessions my clients deliver prepared (and extemporaneous) remarks, which are digitally recorded for evaluation and specific, positive-based feedback.  For a speaker, there’s no faster — or better — way to improve.

Media and Crisis Communication Skills

We live in a media world.  As a leader, you need to excel in it.  I prepare those who will be speaking with the media about to so strategically, with confidence and precision.  As a result, my clients are able to successfully communicate their stories through journalists to the people who need to read and hear them.

My lively, interactive sessions emphasize proven, practical preparation and interview skills that can help you enhance your reputation and build your business.  I cover how to organize information quickly and efficiently — in the form of a compelling narrative — and how to deliver it effectively, even under increasing pressure.

Media skills coaching takes on extra urgency when preparing for a crisis.  Here, I call upon my experience as a longtime reporter to ask the tough questions, in the right order, and to demand the straight answers.  Detailed, escalating emergency scenarios bring the experience, and the learning, to life.  It’s as real as it can get.