What I Do

The world is awash in communication.

For your story to be heard, and to resonate, you need to stand out, and sometimes apart.

You need to be bold.

I help leaders achieve their business goals through communication.  Those goals vary — from gaining government approval and community support for a major development, to securing funding for a significant technology initiative, to boosting customer sales through a compelling pitch.

Communication that produces outstanding business results begins with clarity.  I work with my clients to develop it, then assist them in building a tight, compelling narrative that will engage and influence their target audiences.

It’s communication that goes for it — and gets it.

Whatever it takes, I’m there for my clients.  It’s the way I do business and always will.

My services are organized under the following categories:



Senior executives, professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs, and educators are increasingly being evaluated by how well they speak — how credibly, how naturally, and how enthusiastically.  They’re being judged on their presentation skills.  In today’s communication-saturated age, the ability to address others effectively has become the essential mark of a leader.

How Leaders Speak covers the five keys to speaking like a leader:  preparation, certainty, passion, engagement, and commitment.  It’s a personal handbook for planning and conveying presentations that will engage and inspire others, from overcoming nervousness to handling difficult questions from listeners.

The book reveals how to connect like an achiever, whether it’s delivering a keynote speech, giving a new business pitch, taking part in a panel discussion, or even participating in a media interview.

How Leaders Speak — it’s about finding the leader in you.